Sunday, October 18, 2009

Brief Outline of Hiking Trails of Montréal

Hiking Trails of Montréal, or "HTM", will feature 50 walking experiences, ranging from shared multi-use pathways accessible for any ability to single-track footpaths more suitable only for experienced hikers. These walking routes will all be found within an area of roughly 100-km from the main island of Montréal, although some exceptions may be made to include nearby outstanding trail opportunities.

The area covered by this book will be is divided into five districts: Montréal, Montérégie, Lanadière and Laurentides, and the Eastern Townships (West) each of which will correspond roughly to the municipal districts of the same name. In every one of these five districts there will be 10 walking routes of varying degrees of difficulty profiled. The difficulty factor range from "1", or suitable for almost all fitness levels, to "5", recommended only for fit and/or experienced hikers. The lengths of the selected routes, always stated as return trips, could vary from as short as 3-km to as long as 42-km.

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