Sunday, March 17, 2013

Manuscript Update

For those interested in obtaining this work, I can say that production is on schedule for a May 2013 release, at least in English. The manuscript has been submitted to the publisher, edited, and reviewed. All maps are complete and pictures selected, and the graphic artist is completing the layout. (She described it as a "chunky" book. I think that is good.)

The next step is for the production of a page-proof, a rough copy of how the book will appear when it is printed, but on 8.5 x 11 paper. I review that for accuracy and mistakes; there are always many. These are corrected and it comes back to me again - and again, if necessary, which it sometimes has been. Then a copy editor, a different person than the editor who reviewed the manuscript, reads the entire book looking for mistakes that I missed. She also questions me if anything she reads confuses her - which also happens from time to time.

Once all that is done, the completed work goes to the printer, and less than four weeks later is ready for distribution. Expect the official launch to be the week of May 17-24.

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